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Most importantly, we are able to make any scope of work starting from glass fabrication to glass installation, from tabletop to high rise buildings.

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XL Glass Works Company founded 25 years ago, as a joint work of leading engineers team in the glazing industry. Since our beginning, we use products made in the United States, and it’s set us apart from our competitors. We’re proud to see how the impact of that decision allow us to provide a better quality product.

Moreover, we are training dozens of highly qualify workers and engineers who are working in many glass companies. Our ideas move American glazing industry forward having unlimited capabilities in glazing.

Most importantly, we are able to make any scope of work starting from glass fabrication to glass installation, from tabletop to high rise buildings.


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Found in retail storefronts, restaurants, schools, bank lobbies, airports and office spaces worldwide, our range of glass walls can be engineered and designed to fulfill the specifications and requirements of any interior space.

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The term ‘glazing’ refers to the glass component of building’s facade or internal surfaces. Historically, the installation of glazing was generally undertaken by a specialist glazier, but today it is possible to purchase an entire window which can be fitted by a general contractor. In older buildings, re-glazing can be done by specialist firms that restore rather than replace windows.

Whereas in the past windows were generally single glazed consisting of just a single layer of glass, today there are many different options for glazing. A substantial amount of heat is lost through the window, and so double and triple glazed units have been developed to provide more insulation thereby improving the energy efficiency of a building.Glass can also be tinted to reject sunlight, coated in a translucent film to increase energy efficiency, or be self-cleaning. It is most common for glazing to be clear glass; however, there are also many varied forms of etched, textured, frosted, stained or tinted glass for privacy or aesthetic purposes.

XL Glass Works provides a full glass and glazing services to retailers, domestic homeowners, real estate and property managers as well as catering for large scale commercial contracts.

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